"I began to hear music (Kayo), listening to a true human in which
everything is happening, the sound I never heard before which became
inspirational, guiding my soul into a cosmos experience inside and
around me. Her music heals my spirit and sustains my heart and brings
harmony to my body. There is such love and passion which she works
with everything, providing the experience that creates a rhythm that
brings results to ourselves." Dante Vena

---------------------------------------Professor Dante Vena, Ph.D.

Kayo pours all her love of music and joy in life right into the piano. You
feel it in both her strong swing and her romantic lyricism. She plays with
directness, generosity, and a sort of egoless curiosity, all of which make
it a pleasure to hear her.

Andrea Wolper, jazz vocalist

---------------------------------------President, International Women in Jazz

"I am delighted time and time again to hear the beautiful and inspirational
Kayo on jazz piano. She illuminates joy, energy, and abundant talent. She
displays a passion for her craft that illuminates throughout the audience.
If you are very (very!) lucky, you may catch her at Arturos between 6-8pm
weeknights. She delights you with her interpretation of jazz!!

--------------------------------Dana Nash "dedicated (most dedicated) music lover"

"On a short visit to New York from Paris some time ago I wanted to go to a
restaurant with entertainment and I read in my guidebook about Arturo's
Pizza in Greenwich Village that seemed a good bet for jazz. I went there
early one evening and found a charming Japanese girl that was Kayo -
sitting at the piano playing jazz softly. I noticed at once that she was not
the usual kind of restaurant musician hitting the keys routinely but a very
fine artist. She was playing with a true musical feeling and with a sense of
the jazz rhythm that made the listening a real pleasure. I would have liked
to stay for hours and listen but unfortunately had to move on. Next time I
go to New York I certainly shall return to Arturo's hoping she is still
playing there!
---------------------------------------------------------Lars L."
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